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Sports Physiotherapy in Downtown Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapy Services in Downtown Edmonton

Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy for sports injuries enhances recovery and helps you resume sporting activities after an illness or injury.  Physiotherapy is suitable for every patient who aims to restore function in everyday life. Sports physiotherapy caters explicitly to sports enthusiasts who seek peak physical performance for regular sports activities.

At Trackside Physiotherapy, your physiotherapist has specific knowledge of exercise programs to repair and strengthen your musculoskeletal system so you can resume intense physical activity.  We are also trained to recognize the inherent demands of high-intensity physical activity, and the common injuries that result.

Typical physiotherapy focuses simply on rehabilitation, alleviating pain, and returning to everyday life. Sports physiotherapy helps patients with higher physical demands to regain peak health to resume activities that require high-level performance.

  • Prevent and rehabilitate joint injuries, sprains and strains, and chronic pain caused by sporting activities.
  • Appropriate for recreational to competitive or elite ath

The first step in sports physiotherapy treatment is a thorough assessment. Some performance exercises, strength testing, heart rate monitoring, endurance or flexibility assessments provide insight into your situation. Then, you follow from acute physiotherapy treatment into sports rehabilitation, which involves exercises aimed to build your strength and endurance. 

Sports rehabilitation treatment stages start as low impact exercises like walking and stretching. Next, you add kinetic chain and higher impact exercises like running. Then, the next stage focuses on exercises specific to the patient’s preferred sport. Finally, a prevention strategy review.

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