Every injury is different, and people are different too, that’s why we personalize your physiotherapy treatment. At Trackside Physical Therapy, we provide the right treatment for both your injury and your body. Physiotherapy helps increase your strength, decrease your pain, restore and maintain your physical capabilities and improve your mobility. With the help of Trackside Physiotherapy, you can once again have the freedom to function at your fullest potential.

Often, several types of treatment work together to reduce pain and speed healing. So, we offer these different options:


Do you need physiotherapy treatment after a sports injury or weekend recreation activity that led to an injury? Or do you need help getting your mobility and strength back after surgery?


Sports injuries result from either trauma or overuse. Rehabilitation is different for each.  We will help you get back to participation or performance in your specific sport. 


Many problems can limit your body’s natural flexibility and ability to move. You can regain your health and improve your body’s natural range of motion with the help of Trackside Physiotherapy.

You always receive 1-on-1 treatments. You work directly with your physiotherapist for your entire treatment time. Trackside Physiotherapy offers assessments and treatments using the latest research and best industry practices.

There are no passive therapies at Trackside Physiotherapy – only high value, effective treatments.

To learn more about your physiotherapy treatment options in Downtown Edmonton, call us at (780) 761-3777