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Exercise Prescription Programs

Physiotherapy Services in Downtown Edmonton

Exercise Prescription Programs

Patients at Trackside Physical Therapy prefer to learn their specific deficiencies or weaknesses through physical assessment. Then we craft custom rehab plans with targeted exercises that take less time but deliver better results.

A realistic targeted approach to rehabilitation helps patients be more motivated to work towards more significant healing.

Exercise Prescription Programs from Trackside Physical Therapy means:

  • No generic handouts of exercises - your exercise recommendations are specific for your care plan and your unique imbalances
  • Noticeable improvement as you exercise
  • A custom plan to fit your lifestyle
  • Assess as you progress – change exercises for next-level results

You will receive a specific and individualized program with photo and video instructions to provide a quick reference for at-home use.

To learn more about your physiotherapy treatment options in Downtown Edmonton, call us at (780) 761-3777

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