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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy in Downtown Edmonton

Aquatic therapy, or aqua therapy refers to exercises and treatments performed in water for physical rehabilitation, fitness, and other therapeutic benefits. Aquatic therapy is especially helpful for neurological disorders, musculoskeletal pain, spine pain, pediatric disabilities, postoperative orthopedic rehabilitation, and pressure ulcers.

Patients float partially or fully submerged in the water. Aquatic therapy procedures require the attendance of a trained therapist in a special temperature-controlled pool. Rehabilitation focuses on improving physical functions associated with injury, illness, or disability.

Aquatic therapy supports the restoration of function for orthopedics, including work conditioning, sports medicine, back rehabilitation and joint replacement programs. An aquatic component is particularly beneficial for patients with limited or non-weight bearing conditions, where normal function is limited by pain, inflammation, guarding, limited range of motion (ROM) or muscle spasms. The water provides a manageable environment to reeducate weak muscles and develop skill for neurological or neuromuscular impairments, acute orthopedic or neuromuscular injuries, rheumatological diseases, or recovery from a recent surgery.

Various properties of the water contribute to the therapeutic effects. For example, the water can be used for resistance instead of gravity or weights; the thermal stability keeps a near-constant temperature; the hydrostatic pressure supports and stabilizes the patient, which influences their heart and lung function; the buoyancy permits flotation, reducing the effects of gravity; and turbulence or wave propagation allows for gentle movement or manipulation.

At Trackside Physical Therapy, aquatic therapy combines with other physiotherapy options to support your recovery.

Unfortunately we can not offer Alberta Health funded visits.

To learn more about aqua therapy and your physiotherapy treatment options in Downtown Edmonton, call us at (780) 761-3777

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